• Oil & Gas
    Automation Solutions

    • Control & Monitoring:
    • Tank Gauging & Tank Management System
    • Surge Arresters and Lightning Protection devices
    • Flow Measurement Systems (FMS)
    • Telemetry Systems & Wireless Solutions
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  • Water / Wastewater Automation Solutions

  • Integrated Building
    Automation Solutions

    BMS & HVAC Control, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Access Control, & Intrusion Alarm

    For Your Green, Safe, Secured & Comfortable Building

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  • Power Management Solutions

  • Industrial
    & Factory

    • We apply industry-leading technical knowledge and resources to deliver a total automation solution.
    • Whether you require engineering, assembly, service or a combination of the three, the message is the same:
    • “ Our goal is to provide you with Accurate and Complete Control systems. ”
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  • Automation Solutions for Primaries / Cement

  • Business IT Solutions

Security Systems

Security Systems

Through our integrated security solutions we make people and premises safer and more secure.

These security solutions include:

  • Video Surveillance:
    • IP System
    • Analogue CCTV System

Video Surveillance


  • Access Control:
    • Controllers, Readers, and Credentials
    • Badging System
    • Enterprise Systems
    • Visitor Management

Access Control


  • Intrusion Alarm:
    • Control Panels, Keypads, and Sensors (Wired and Wireless)
    • Alarm Communications

o	Intrusion Alarm