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Pipelines Leak Detection Monitoring Solution

ATMATA Company for Advanced Automation Solutions

  • Pipelines Leak Detection Monitoring SolutionATMATA has been established since 2002 and it becomes nowadays one of the region market leader in the scope of industrial automation solution providers. 
  • Strong relation with the top players in the automation industry guarantee the technical & engineering support.
  • Our executed projects and solutions are done by our local experts.
  • ATMATA is certified for: Management System ISO 9001:2008, Environment ISO 14001:2004, and Health and Safety OHSAS 18001:2007
  • ATMATA is a partner for a very known companies.

Pipeline Leak Detection Software

  1. Leak Detection SoftwareThree API 1130-compliant leak detection methods running in parallel:
    • Mass Balance calculations.
    • RTTM Real Time transient model.
    • Pressure / Flow monitoring = Leak Detection Signature
  2. Method comparison (CPM vs. hardware-based)

Software Based

Hardware Based

System Sensitivity

0.5-1% >

0.001% >

System Accuracy

> 100-500 m

Meters’ Range

Required Hardware

TT, PT, FT at the ends

Over all the pipeline

Maintenance & Recovery



Installation Cost


Very High

API Compatibility

Yes, Multi algorithm

Yes One Algorithm



Could be bypassed

Pipelines Leak Detection Monitoring SoftwareWhat does our package include?

  • Very accurate field measurements.
  • High efficiency Data acquisition systems.
  • Wireless networking.
  • Solar Electrical Energy systems.

1. Field Measurements:

The computing method for the leak detection is depending on the accurate field instruments measurement, more accuracy will guide to more system efficiency which mean quick leak alarm and better localization for the leak point on the pipeline.

We in ATMATA recognize the most important keys to achieve the high system efficiency, the first one is the good selection of the field instruments suppliers and that what we did, and the second key is to install the field instruments by a specialists engineers who are taking care about the installation conditions and excellent calibration and maintenance. 

2. Data Acquisition Systems:

We believe that quick and correct process data is more important to get the system to the higher efficiency specially when we are talking about the real time detection systems, and based on that our Wireless Networkingsolutions for the leak detection is depending on 16 bits analog data logging, with high data acquisition rate based on Ethernet 100 MBPS.

3. Wireless Networking:

In order to deliver it as turn key solution, we also provide the wireless networking between the metering points, over all the pipeline.

Our offered wireless solution are including the study for the sight line and define the best frequency band based on the geographical information’s of the pipeline area in addition to the pipeline length.

The transceivers which is installed over all the pipeline (Every 20 KM based on the required system accuracy) will communicate with high speed rate with the central computing system which is installed on the pipeline end, and It will exchange the pressure and temperature data for the pipeline.

	Solar Electricity energy system 4. Solar Electricity energy system:

Due to the unavailability of the general electricity power in the uninhibited area, our solution is also including the supplying and commissioning of the solar panels.