• Oil & Gas
    Automation Solutions

    • Control & Monitoring:
    • Tank Gauging & Tank Management System
    • Surge Arresters and Lightning Protection devices
    • Flow Measurement Systems (FMS)
    • Telemetry Systems & Wireless Solutions
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  • Water / Wastewater Automation Solutions

  • Integrated Building
    Automation Solutions

    BMS & HVAC Control, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Access Control, & Intrusion Alarm

    For Your Green, Safe, Secured & Comfortable Building

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  • Power Management Solutions

  • Industrial
    & Factory

    • We apply industry-leading technical knowledge and resources to deliver a total automation solution.
    • Whether you require engineering, assembly, service or a combination of the three, the message is the same:
    • “ Our goal is to provide you with Accurate and Complete Control systems. ”
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  • Automation Solutions for Primaries / Cement

  • Business IT Solutions

Power Management Solutions

Atmata Power Management Solutions provide energy management tools (Hardware & software) offering full integrated plant solutions.

By continuous monitoring, simulation, and optimization of electrical, process, and management systems in the plant, the customer can achieve the following benefits:

  • Increasing the entire production process.
  • Reduce losses.
  • Increase profits.
  • Optimization of the power supply quality.


Our applications are tailored to meet the requirements of each company and application:

  • Power Management Solutions

    Power systems.
  • Industrial facilities,
  • Water & Waste Water stations.
  • Housing & commercial buildings.
  • IT & Data Centers



  1. Event Playback
  2. Load Forecasting
  3. Substation Automation
  4. Switching Management
  5. Load Management
  6. Power Management SolutionsInterchange Scheduling
  7. Supervisory Control
  8. Economic Dispatch
  9. Automatic Generation Control
  10. Load Shedding Validation
  11. Load Restoration
  12. Load Preservation
  13. Advanced Monitoring
  14. Energy Accounting