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Inventory Management and Tank Gauging Solutions

Tank Gauging Solutions

Dealing with petrochemicals is considered to be one of the most important in transfer and storage operations, which occurs in great amounts and forms a key factor in the economical growth of various industrial sectors, also its extended affect on different commercial and industrial activities of each country.

Therefore the necessity raised to control and monitor handling stages for selling, buying, and distribution for the following reasons:

  1. The fiscal value of petrochemicals, which can cause great earnings or losses caused by quantity differences during exchange operations.
  2. The explosive nature and ambient related physical changes.

So it became an international demand for this transferring and storage operations to be qualified according certain specifications and terms issued as standards submitted by many international organizations and committees in order to guarantee the mutual benefit of dealers, these terms includes measurement aspects, the accuracy of measuring equipments, commissioning, and calibration.
As a result, many nations have established committees responsible for setting, developing, monitoring and controlling the different standards regarding the mentioned aspects of “Custody Transfer” or “ Inventory Control”.




As an example …..

In a tank of diameter 40 m each 1mm of refined petrochemical product equals about 1250 liter of volume

1 liter ≈ 1

So.. 1mm≈ 1250 €

Meaning that a 2 mm uncertainty in level measurement equals the cost of 2500 €!! .



Flow Management System (FMS)


The uncertainty of 1 C° equals in the up mentioned tank a volume error of 0.05% of stored liquid volume which equals about 7000 €!!!.

This applies on the volumes transferring operation which requires accurate and corrected flow measurement, through flow management solutions “FMS” to insure diminishing differences caused by variances in temperatures of different locations.


Central Monitoring & Control Software


Monitoring and controlling are considered an important utility of any measuring system, and should be highly flexible in design, and can inform the operator about any changes and device conditions by giving specific alarms and printing reports.

All product related data and important parameters should be protected physical and programmed locks and archived to prevent errors caused by modifications in these systems. 

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)



Services and after sales support is a main concept that should be integrated into any system starting from design stages, and continued during operation, this comes from the importance of maintaining production continuity and quality, asset and individual protection should be considered.

We offer various automation solutions that use top technologies and serves different industries by experienced trained staff, executed professionally to insure work and product quality development and raising investments return.